The purpose of this page is to answer some questions that we are often asked:

Q: When is Border Town Days?  
           A:The last Saturday in July.

Q: Can I write a Letter to the Editor and not sign it, or put it in anonymously?  
           A: Nope. If you are afraid of repercussions, please contact us, but we do this to protect both parties.

Q: How can we get in touch with you?  
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            A: (806) 481-3681
                   404 3rd St.
                   PO Box 255
                   Farwell, TX 79325

Q: Why is there no news here?  
           A: Why buy the paper when the news is free?  :) Actually this site is more of  a tool for us to give more to the community.   Hopefully in the future we will have an active community calendar up and running.

Q: If I have a story idea, advertisement, or question, should I send it in?  
           A:Sure!  We always are on the look out for new items.